The creations of Mrs M. Elisabetta Donadio were  inspired by her greatest passions: prehistoric iconography and primal forms of art.  The curved shapes of her creations have a very specific meaning. The universal language of simple shapes-circles, spheres and all curved shapes go beyond what man can ever reach: the earth, sun,  cosmic roundness, God…They evoke, unconsciously, everything related to  compassion and intimacy within us.

la Terra da cui tutto ha origine e a cui tutto torna…

Even today, We are inexplicably more attracted to anything that has a curved shape rather than angular, which appeals to us personally and has an enormous evocative power upon us.

gioielli dalla terra

The meaning of the word “Terra” (Earth) included in our Brand Name not only stands for the starting material of Raku Ceramics i.e. clay but also represents the Earth from which everything originates and to which everything returns; a symbol which is very present in naturalistic prehistoric art.

The brand “Gioielli dalla Terra” was founded in the early 2000s, with the intensification of the Raku technique, small ceramic pieces were so beautifully transformed into jewelry to be worn;  to such an extent that the Company Damiani noticed them and decided  to market them  under the Brand Alfieri & St. John.

As people’s taste in jewelry  evolved, “Gioielli dalla Terra”  adapted to the market by combining their Raku ceramic with precious, semiprecious stones; pearls and  a variety of creative materials that Mrs M. Elisabetta Donadio  finds in the best markets around the world.

Mrs M. Elisabetta Donadio expresses her passion by using the  various materials, 925 Silver, gold or inexpensive metals; in very creative combinations  with the collaboration of experienced Valencian  goldsmiths.

The knowledge gained in the world of art also continues with a glimpse of a new world, that is of Jewellery Design. “Gioielli dalla Terra” are unique pieces made by hand, worn by  the contemporary woman who has become tired of traditional jewelry.

All creations are the result of extensive research into sophisticated techniques and rare raw materials. Silver, 24 carat gold plated or rhodium plated, goes well  with baroque pearls, precious stones and semi-precious ones; by enhancing

their precious  characteristics and merging  them together, unique pieces of jewelry are created as a work of art.